A Bit About Cheryl

Cheryl Evans has worked as an Art and Design teacher since 1992. Beyond working with students, she loves that her job allows her to be creative and constantly learning.

As a member of Duck ‘n Weave, Cheryl enjoys expanding on this love in a creative capacity for herself, but also the opportunity to collaborate in such a wonderful way outside of a school. The support and challenges this group brings inspires Cheryl to push herself and open up to new creative experiences.

Cheryl feels that she is still finding her feet as an artist, as she puts teaching first, but loves exploring new materials and technologies such as laser cutting. Cheryl also enjoys the way that working with ceramics allows her to switch off from other things, but she gets bored easily and struggles with sticking to one medium or idea!!

Cheryl’s work is very much inspired by Design influences and keeping things simple…sometimes. This practical sense is what she brings to the group too, as designing posters, hanging the exhibitions and considering the layout of the space also makes her happy.