A Bit About Donna

Donna Gordge – Self Portrait with Imagined Memories, 2019

Donna Gordge grew up in Central Victoria and now lives in Adelaide, with her family and birds, and works from her home studio. Donna finds continuous inspiration for her art amidst themes of place, memory and personal relationships. Much of her art is built around narrative snippets, recalled experiences and recollections. She often incorporates artefacts, animals and found objects which have deep personal meaning.

Donna’s career as an artist and educator began in 1995 after completing studies at the University of Melbourne, and she is currently undertaking another degree in Contemporary Art at the University of South Australia.

Donna has worked as a visual arts teacher in secondary schools, an instructor at TAFE, and has facilitated community arts activities and workshops from her home studio and around Adelaide. As an early career artist, Donna’s focus was on textiles. Her work has evolved to also include painting, collage, installation and small-scale sculpture.

Donna Gordge – Distill (installation view) 2020. Cotton gauze, lace, salt.

More information about Donna and Stitch Paint Burn Studio can be found on her website.