Safe Travels & Meet the Maker – SALA 2020

After the upheaval of this year, we weren’t actually planning much for the SALA Festival this year, but things have worked in our favour and now we present TWO wonderful events!!

First up, Duck n Weave + Friends will be exhibiting Safe Travels at Ginger’s Coffee Studio in Goodwood. We had an exhibition here in 2017, so it’s lovely to return! We are excited to be joined by our current and some previous Creative Exchange participants. Our work will be there all through August and beyond…

And then, at the end of SALA, we present Meet the Maker – a virtual gathering of artists we admire and envy!! Throughout the day, we will be speaking online to each of them about their art practice, but also how they’ve dealt with the threat and disruption caused by COVID19. Check out our M+M page for the details… It’s going to be an online adventure!

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