Creative Exchange 2019 Graduates

Today was a fitting date for our three amazing Creative Exchange participants to complete their program with Duck ‘n Weave – they took their ‘creative leap’ on Feb 29th!

We’ve not only forged lovely friendships over the last twelve months, but also kept each other accountable creatively. We’ve cheered each other on when challenges have arisen, and commiserated when things have gone awry. And because creativity doesn’t exist in a vacuum, we’ve also shared other milestones together too!

We spent time reflecting on the benefits of the Creative Exchange and will have something to share with you shortly based on these conversations.

In the meantime, we wish Fatema, Sue and Naomi all the best for their creative endeavours – a new studio space, a book, online workshops, using the word ‘artist’ near your name… so much to look forward to! Thanks for joining us in the inaugural Creative Exchange xx

You can find out more about these artists in our Participant Profiles page.

If you are interested in joining the next Creative Exchange, starting at the end of May 2020, check out our information page for more details about cost and structure.

New Creative Exchange for 2020

We are currently accepting expressions of interest for the next Duck ‘n Weave Creative Exchange program, which will begin in May 2020.

The Creative Exchange is a twelve-month program – we meet for three hours, ten times for the year and discuss a range of topics relating to your artwork, your aspirations and inspirations, and challenges you may be facing. Our main interests are goals, accountability and action!

The next program will be run out of Adelaide, South Australia, but as we will be meeting online via Zoom to comply with current physical distancing requirements, location shouldn’t stop you from joining in!

More information can be found here.